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For the past 40 years, Reedy Concrete has been a leader in concrete foundations and flatwork for commercial, agricultural, residential and industrial customers all over the Midwest. Our reputation was built upon the highest quality service at competitive pricing. We have the equipment and manpower to get the construction job done and on time.

Placing concrete the right way, for the right job, takes knowledge and experience. We have both! We specialize in concrete footings, foundations, and flatwork for commercial, agricultural, residential and industrial buildings. We can do any concrete project of any size for your business, industrial, or agricultural needs.

Today, there are many creative ways to use concrete in your home and business from the inside to the outside. We can create a unique and durable concrete surface that is perfect for your space. We do more than create a structure, we help build your vision.

Reedy Concrete is at the forefront of the newest techniques in concrete today. We use Trimble Robotic Stations and Somero Laser Screeds to provide precise jobsite layout, boost efficiency, and ensure the highest quality of workmanship.

Industrial and Warehouse concrete

Commercial Concrete

We have the highest level of equipment, technology, and workforce to build any large scale commercial structure. From pouring concrete for parking garages to building large building foundations, Reedy Concrete can handle any size commercial concrete project for your business.

We have built some of the Midwest’s most solid commercial structures with our immense abilities and expertise. You can count on our team to be able to handle the concrete job that you have in mind. We will help you build your business from the ground up, literally!

Industrial & Warehouse Concrete

Large scale jobs are kind of our thing! Reedy Concrete has the machinery, tools, and team to complete large sized industrial jobs effectively. Whether you’re constructing a new warehouse or manufacturing facility, or constructing a corporate office or large scale storefront, we have the unmatched durable and quality concrete mix to get the job done right.

Owning and operating an industrial site is not cheap. There’s expensive machinery, safety regulations, and production schedules that constantly need to be followed and handled with precautions. Unexpected foundation repairs can bring work to a halt, delaying projects and racking up large expenses. The use of concrete flooring in your industrial warehouse and/or facility will help to keep costs down by minimizing floor maintenance.

Agricultural Concrete

Up here in the Midwest, the agricultural industry is always booming. They don’t call us the Dairy State for nothing! Reedy Concrete has the capabilities to complete the largest of agricultural facilities. Whether it’s manure pits or large barnyard paving, agricultural concrete pours can be some of the most demanding job sites because of their size. You can count on our team to get the job done, from start to finish.

Large agricultural facilities require a lot of strength and durability. Manure and grain storage, feed bunkers, and water tanks are all necessary concrete structures for a well functioning farm.These large concrete pours need a lot of preparation work and experience to make them run smoothly and effectively. We have the experience and equipment to handle any size concrete job for your farm.

Multi-Tenant & Underground Parking Concrete

In the winter, getting snow and ice off your car after a large snowstorm is never fun or easy. Give your tenants a peace of mind with an ideal underground concrete parking garage to keep cars warm and snow-free during the colder months of the year, while also providing added protection during the warmer months.

Underground parking not only provides weather and security protection for your tenants, it also saves you lot space that you might not have. Concrete parking garages are the most durable. Concrete slab flooring will help resist the damages from vehicles. From the constant traffic of cars and commercial vehicles, to oil and transmission leaks, these could damage your structure if not laid with proper concrete. As an added bonus, parking spaces and arrows are easily paintable on smooth concrete.

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